Latest Past Events

NBBA marks first anniversary

The Norway-BiH Business Association (NBBA) celebrated its first anniversary on December 1, marking a year in which it greatly surpassed initial expectations. The growth in relations between Norwegian and BiH business communities has increased significantly. The NBBA aims to build on the success achieved so far by attracting more Norwegian businesses and investors in the...

Visit of NBBA Board members in Sarajevo

NBBA board members concluded their tour in Sarajevo, this time accompanied by their fellow Board members Per Kristian Åsen, from the Norwegian company Smed which has operated in Bosnia and Herzegovina for 15 years, and Thomas Holm Knudsen from the Norwegian state-owned investment fund Kirkenes Fondsforvaltning. They all expressed their eagerness to help establishing business...

Visit of NBBA Board members in Mostar

Mostar was a second stop on NBBA board’s road show. They were accompanied by Dragi Dizdar, a Mostar-born businessman from Norway and is well acquainted with both Norwegian and Bosnian markets. The main emphasis was on ICT, tourism development, green energy and traditional industries such as wood and metal industry.